Bet you can't remember these 4 words

Posted on January 24, 2017 by Joe Jensen

Apple. Penny. Sunshine. Rose.

Read these words again. One more time, but this time out loud. Commit these four simple words to memory.

Imagine going to the store for four items.You pull into a parking spot, lock your car and begin to walk in. About halfway to the entrance, you realize “Oh shoot! I forgot my wallet/purse!” So back you go to quickly retrieve your forgotten item.

Ok now this time you actually get through the door, grab a cart and run through the list in your mind--4 items, not too bad. You see the first item on your mental list and snatch it off the shelf. Success! The next thing you see is a large sale sign advertising something that is not on your list, but the sale is too good to pass up. Into the cart it goes, and off to the next aisle you go.

Then you see your neighbor and talk and you continue to walk down the aisle. You get to the end of the aisle and realize you totally forgot to grab one of your items. You make a U-turn and put the forgotten item in your cart.

Sadly, the next item on your list is out of stock, You track down a clerk to see if the item is in stock and you are in luck--the item is in stock!

You rush to the registers only to spend another 45 seconds analyzing which specific line gives you the best chance at a speedy exit. You swipe your card, grab your items and out the door you go. You toss your bag in the back seat and drive home to triumphantly empty the bag on the counter...and then you realize and scream, “I FORGOT MY FOURTH ITEM!!!!!”

We’ve all been there. It can happen so easily. We are all busy and life is full of distractions. Little episodes of forgetfulness, like this, happen to all of us every day. They are no doubt frustrating, but for the most part, they are absolutely harmless. Except for when they’re not: like forgetting your medications. 125,000 people die each year because of mismanaged medications. Luckily there’s something that can help you remember to take your medications. Check out for more information.

Do you remember those 4 words?