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Dose Remind
$15/month OR $165/year

  • Unlimited personalized messaging available in any language

  • Notifications for caregivers if remind activity is not completed

Dose Remind + Click
$30/month OR $330/year

  • Button is stuck to surface on/near reminder location

  • User must click button to discontinue reminders

  • Notifications for caregivers if button is not clicked

Dose Flip
$60/month OR $660/year

  • Dose Flip Rental - up to 2 devices as needed

  • Dose Remind and Click as needed - no additional cost

  • Extra trays - no additional cost

  • Adaptive Equipment available if needed*

  • Notifications for caregivers if meds are not taken as directed

  • Call 844.300.6212 or email for more information/to request special equipment