We all know how important it is to take medications as prescribed.

So why can it be so difficult for us to take our pills day in and day out?
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Because we’re human.
In an already busy day, remembering to take your pills is one of the easiest things to forget. That’s why we created Dose Health. We believe that taking medications every day shouldn’t get in the way of you or your loved one’s independence.
The impact of non-adherence
Preventable deaths per year in the US
Unnecessary healthcare costs in the US
People not taking medications as prescribed
At Dose Health, we understand that life is already complicated enough. That’s why everything we do is focused on creating a product that is simple to use, but smart enough to improve your life. Because every dose matters.
Our Team
Paul Hines, MD, MHI
CEO, Software Lead
Steve Wesner
Hardware Lead
Alaina Gallagher
Sales and Marketing Lead
Hayden Schoen
Design Lead
Joe Jensen, MD
Medical Lead
Meredith Vandenberg, RN
Business Dev